Consumers refuse to turn in their Samsung Note 7


Samsung has been recalling their Note 7 phone due to safety issues.  The phone has blown up on several occasions forcing the company to recall their phone.  Although the company is pushing for a 100 percent response rate to recall its phone, some consumers are refusing the recall. 

Samsung reported to have received more than 60 percent of the phones back by September 27th.  The possibility of the phone overheating, catching fire, and or exploding is not phasing a select hardcore group. 

“The problem is there is no other phone that I like,” Jo Hyang-won, a 32-year old office worker in South Korea, told Reuters.  Entertainment director Josh Dickey wrote that “owning this supposed ticking time bomb is still statistically less dangerous than the act of getting in your car.”

Note 7 users are most likely accustomed to larger screen phones as the Note screen is 5.7 inches.  There are some alternatives such as the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL phone but will take a screen reduction at 5.5 inches.  The Pixel XL is out of stock at the Google store and doesn’t ship until October 20th from Best Buy.  The iPhone 7 Plus has a 3 week shipping time from Apple and the stock is limited.  Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge are on backorder as well. 

Although an easier alternative would be to opt for a temporary replacement phone, many consumers do not enjoy “downgrading” even if it is only temporary.  

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