Controversial Links between Trump and Russia


According to Sergei Millian, an American businessman of Belarusan origin, President Donald J. Trump, has long maintained relationships with a number of Russian officials. The latter had fed the then presidential contender with damaging information concerning Hillary Clinton, his then presidential contender. Such information, the Belarusian-American businessman contends, helped the billionaire real estate developer to become the President of the United States.

Controversial claims

What Millian said in the course of a private conversation was picked up a former UK secret service operative. The latter was hired by Trump's political opponents to collect information on the president's ties with Russia. Washington Post later confirmed that the conversation was genuine, and the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, the former British agent, was open to verification. All claims have been denied by the US President.

The most controversial claim in the dossier was that Trump paid money for sex work services at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow. The documents also say that the Kremlin has carefully kept all proofs of this event. The FBI is currently investigating whether Russia has successfully manipulated the US political system. It also tries to figure out whether such events have seen participation by Trump associates as well.

The Trump administration, for its part, remains unable to shake off the Russian angle. There are enough proofs that the Russian Government has contacts within the Trump circle. Presidential aides naturally vehemently deny such claims.

About Millian and his opportunist ways

Millian, for his part, defended Trump when asked about the president. His response emails were littered with lengthy defenses and mentioned God multiple times. He also said that any allegations against the President of the United States will weaken the country. He hinted that people who want to slander President Trump wants to destabilize American integrity and reduce the country's global political influence.

People who personally know Millian describe him as a kind of big talker rather than a globe-trotting fixer. They describe him a person who loves to promote himself above everything else. He, however, has a gift for getting the TV cameras turned on him. One of his neighbors even described him as an opportunist. His action corroborates the word. Born with the name Siarhei Kukuts, he changed it to Sergei Millian as it sounded much better and elegant. In Millian's own words, he changed names to honor his own grandmother, whom he claims goes by the name Millianovich. He also goes by another name: Sergio Millian.

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