Conveyor Delivery Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America: 2017-2022 Market Analysis & Outlook –

The “Conveyor
Delivery Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America – 2017-2022 –
Analysis & Outlook” report has been added to’s

Conveyor delivery trucks discussed in this report are stone slingers and
fertilizer/seed tenders. No identified manufacturer offers both product
types. These have been evaluated together as a segment owing to
similarity in delivery system conveyor-based.

Virtually all conveyor delivery trucks are mounted on heavy-duty Class 8
chassis. All truck-mounted fertilizer/seed tenders and 95% of stone
slingers are installed on Class 8 heavy-duty vocational/straight truck

Stone slinger manufacturing is a niche business, with four identified
manufacturers. A large share of fertilizer/seed tenders are
trailer-mounted. Several manufacturers only offer trailer-based
fertilizer/seed tenders, and those that manufacture truck-mounted units
typically sell a larger number of trailer-based units.

The five leading fertilizer tender manufacturers accounted for 60% of
unit shipments and 63% of dollar value of sales in 2017. The leading
stone slinger manufacturer has about 33% share of its segment.

The fertilizer tender market is a mature one, with several manufacturers
offering the product, and competition levels are high. Larger-sized
tenders are experiencing greater demand; however restrictions and state
regulations on road weights are a challenge to how big a tender can get.
Tender versatility is an important factor for buyers, and customers look
for tenders that can handle multiple commodities during different

These and other topics are the subject of this report. The report can be
put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification,
competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer

Key Topics Covered

1 Scope

2 Product Types

3 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017

4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars

5 Market Shares: By Type

6 Market Analysis

7 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors

8 Outlook

9 Production by Region

10 Key Manufacturer Data

11 Manufacturer Profiles (16 Companies Profiled)

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