Cooper apologizes for remark against Jeffrey Lord

Anderson Cooper, the CNN host, gave his apologies for the “crude” remark he made towards Jeffrey Lord, a Trump supporter. The two was conversing during a show segment on AC360 on May 19. The subject was the recent revelations that the President has allegedly told Russian officials of his personal opinion that James Comey, the former FBI director, was a “nut job”.

Calling off the hounds

Trump admitted that the sacking of Comey, who was then leading a counterintelligence investigation on the possible interference of Russia in the presidential election so that Trump can win the election, has relieved the pressure on him.

Cooper said the offending remark during a debate with commentator Lord. During one point of the debate, when both sides were sparring heavily on the Comey topic, the CNN anchor told the commentator that the latter cannot defend what the leader of the free world has said. Lord retorted and defended Trump, saying that he is indifferent to what Trump has talked to the Russians. In the conversation, Cooper said Sean Spicer, the White House spokesperson, did not deny that President Trump said such things about Director Comey.

Presidential power

Lord reiterated that since Trump is the United States President, he can say whatever he likes. It is perfectly within his rights. Cooper said that although it is a valid point, but it is doubtful whether it is a smart one. The Trump supporter, after a little dilly-dallying, reminded his host about the many comments made by the former President Barack Obama. The latter was caught assuring Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, that the latter will have much more flexibility on the missile defense issue post getting reelected. This conversation was resurrected by Trump supporters to discredit Obama. Lord accused Obama of colluding with Russians.

 At that juncture, Cooper interrupted him and said that Lord would defend Trump even if the real estate billionaire turned president did a dump on the presidential desk.

Surprisingly, Lord laughed off the transgression. The CNN anchor later apologized for his “crude” comment. Cooper in recent times is not being shy of unmasking his feelings. In an interview done a short time ago with Kellyanne Conway, he conspicuously rolled his eyes after one of her responses. The remark made by Cooper was soon captured and sounded by the social media. Quite a few of them said Cooper has made a new low in television broadcasting.

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