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CORRECTING and REPLACING Martin Blank, Ph.D., Leading Bioelectromagnetics Research Scientist, Passes Away

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Martin Blank, Ph.D., Columbia University Bioelectromagnetics Researcher, Passes Away (Photo: Business Wire)

The corrected release reads:


Martin Blank, Ph.D., Retired Associate Professor, Columbia University,
Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, who made many lasting
contributions to science and was beloved within the scientific
community, passed away of natural causes in his son’s care on June 13,
2018 in Las Vegas, NV. He was 85.

Dr. Blank was one of the strongest voices globally in the quest to
better understand and regulate the health effects of electromagnetic
fields (EMF). He was an ardent advocate for the precautionary principle,
using science to create a safer, healthier world.

Dr. Blank was a faculty member at Columbia University for 35 years until
his retirement in 2012. Throughout his career, Dr. Blank published over
200 papers and reviews; edited 11 books on the electrical properties of
biological systems and held appointments at 11 leading universities
around the world, as well as at the U.S. Office of Naval Research. He
gave hundreds of lectures and organized or led numerous meetings,
including two World Congresses on Electricity and Magnetism in Biology
and Medicine. He served as President of both the Bioelectrochemical
Society and the Bioelectromagnetics Society, as well as on several
scientific journal editorial boards.

Dr. Blank completed two PhDs: one in Physical Chemistry from Columbia
University, and a second in Colloid Science, an interdisciplinary field
involving biology, chemistry, and physics from Cambridge University. His
later research focused on EMF effects on the cellular stress response,
and on DNA, and he warned vehemently about risks from the proliferation
of wireless technologies.

In 2015 he led a scientist appeal to the United Nations and the World
Health Organization, calling for greater attention to the health risks
of EMFs. Currently there are 240 scientists from 41 nations with
published peer-reviewed EMF papers as signatories to the International
EMF Scientist Appeal, unified in the opinion that the body of
research on EMF bioeffects is not only compelling, but urgent.

For the lay audience, he wrote “Overpowered: The Dangers of
Electromagnetic Radiation and What You Can Do About It” (2014).

Dr. Blank is survived by his wife of 62 years, Marion Blank, PhD,
retired Co-Director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program at
Columbia University; sons, Jonathan and Ari; daughter, Donna; and
siblings Esther and Efrom.

Donations in Dr. Blank’s honor may be made, by family request, to The
Electromagnetic Safety Alliance at

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