Could a coupon system for prescription drugs be part of Trump’s health plan?

Taking care of your health is a necessity of every individual. Investing in an insurance policy is a step forward so that your prsonal finance does not suffer. Healthcare costs today can spiral out of control even with a basic visit to the doctor. The price of medication is high. Many pharmaceutical companies are struggling with pressure across the board to cut back on huge prices. To ensure that research and technology go hand-in-hand and launching new drugs, pharmaceutical companies have tried changing the tone.

Due to the high cost of healthcare, President elect, Donald Trump made the promise to do away with Obamacare. In its place, he proposed that a new healthcare plan would replace it; but has remained vague on the details so far. With the house and senate also aligned with the republican party, with whom the affordable care act, was always symbolic of what in their eyes was exactly the kind of “Big” government they wished to avoid. The belief is that this has sapped away the earnings of people making them feel the pinch and how.

Some are beginning to suspect that Trump would expand the coupon system to other parts of the healthcare industry as part of his pivot away from the ACA. Manufacturer coupons are currently provided to those in need of prescription medication. The coupon essentially covers their share of the cost for filling a prescription. While this would lower costs and health insurance bills, some fear that it would lead physicians to prescribe more expensive medication over their generic counterparts

Affordable healthcare is an essentialfor every citizen of the country. Faulty habits like excessive fitness levels or nothing at all, erratic work schedules, high stress at home or the workplace, convenience eating has brought many new illnesses to the table. Cancer, tumors, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, early dementia, skin related illnesses, cardiac and lung problems, joint pain, and many other illnesses have become talking points. Reliable employers ensure that staff are insured from the date of joining work. This takes care of the needs of the individual and family. Naturally, this is cut from the gross salary, but down the line it definitely pays should the need arise.

Many people across America stand to suffer significantly if their coverage under the ACA is revoked. Many of America’s poor still struggle with access to healthcare facilities and under a less inclusive system could be vulnerable to serious long-term illnesses because of a lack of a support system or affordable medical help. The best wayto deal with a health issue, aside from investing in a good medical insurance policy, is to make sure that people in the neighborhood are on your call list. The bottom line is to make certain sure that you have paid your premiums in time otherwise you may end up with a lapsed policy and have to cough up those greenbacks at the doctor or the hospital!

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