(NYSE: COUP) Shows 88 Percent Surge to $30 on Debut

Stock,, The internet discounter (NYSE:COUP)  has proven its might once again as the stock zoomed 88 percent to come to a close at $30 last Friday, overshadowing the marketed range significantly. With this, the company has enjoyed a great debut performance, witnessing more than a doubling of stock prices. also enjoys another distinction. It is the first tech sector IPO from Silicon valley in 2014.  With this spectacular start, it seems that there is no reason to ‘discount’’s ability to give other tech competitors a run for  their money, literally!

Wall Street seems eager to lap up shares now stands valued much higher than its expected $1.2 billion thanks to this successful debut. The company initially sold 10.5 million shares for $16 per share. Even this pricing took it beyond the expected $12 to $14 that the company hoped to sell shares for. However, Wall Street investors showed their interest in the company by boosting prices up to an opening of $27.15 come Friday morning at the NYSE. With a peak price of $33, the share closed at $30 by end of day. The surge in price has pushed the company’s valuation over the $2 billion mark with room to spare.

2013 revenue up more than 40 percent from 2012 figures

There is enough reason for the grand success of’s debut in the stock market. Investors have clearly seen that the company has been growing by leaps and bounds over the previous years. In fact, financials show that revenues were up more than 40% in 2013 when compared with the previous year.

With more than 2000 brands among its clientele that covers consumer goods, drugs, grocery and mass merchandise, is gaining a significant foothold in the retail marketing arena. According to company sources, the company disbursed 315 billion coupons and 2.8 billion of them were redeemed.

One of the main reasons behind’s success may be that it has managed to align itself to the changing marketplace and consumers quite efficiently. Company sources reveal that the digital coupon service is setting sights on mobile device users now to take full advantage of the shift from desktop/ laptop use to hand held devices. By reaching out to end users via their mobiles, the company may be in a position to offer stiff competition to traditional coupon distribution methods including circulars in the mailbox. With the growing prevalence of mobile use, this might turn out to be another winning strategy for

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