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CRM for Banks – Some Cool Tools

In today’s economic environment, which is enforced by the aftershocks of the credit crisis, some banks and financial institutions are struggling to develop customer acquisition and retention strategies to meet the requirements of tech-savvy customers who increasingly expect more convenient, more personalized service, and faster support. These challenges seem to be daunting at first, but banks that will manage to take advantage of technology and build more durable and longer lasting relationships with their customers will be rewarded by boosted loyalty and sales.

Here’s a list of the top 4 client relationship management software tools (CRM) that will help financial organizations streamline the process of interaction with their customers and build more personalized and trusted relations.


Bpmonline CRM is a cloud-based software designed to help users increase profitability, boost customer retention, and effectively manage opportunities and risks with features that are developed to meet the needs of the banking industry. Being supplied with a set of features for managing information about customers, their preferences, needs, and interaction history, bpm’online provides banks with the necessary capabilities that help them build more profitable relationships and keep track of internal and external processes. This helps corporate, retail banks and other financial institutions gather the necessary data for managing the complete customer journey and enhance customer experience. The system also helps users easily automate routine tasks to free employees’ time for increasing the company’s win rate by allowing them to more efficiently manage campaigns, leads and opportunities. Bpm’online provides a crisp and easy-to-use interface which allows users access to needed information instantly from any device.

Bpm’online offers three products that are designed to meet specific needs and requirements of   financial institutions. These are: bpm’online bank customer center – a complete set of tools for bank front-office and contact center management; bpm’online bank sales – the ready-for-use system that enables users to design and manage end-to-end sales processes of financial products and services; bpm’online marketing – the multi-channel software developed to boost demand generation with intelligent personalized campaigns, as well as reach a complete new level of personalization. All of the packages also include core features such as a 360-degree customer view, which helps create a complete unified database of the potential and the existing customers of your bank and crafts the most effective communication plan to offer clients the most relevant financial products and boost loyalty at the same time.

Additionally, bpm’online’s solutions for banks and financial institutions provide a bunch of other useful features like collaboration tools, business process management, case management and opportunity management, out-of-the-box processes, synchronization and integration with email services as well as other third-party systems for finance management. Bpm’online’s solutions are designed to help banks transform their infrastructure from product-centric models to a customer-centric one.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a powerful bank CRM software for retail, corporate and investment banking that brings a variety of benefits across a full spectrum of the customer ecosystem. Sage CRM enables banks to merge and bring together customer information from different sources for increased operational efficiencies. This helps users streamline processes such as customer servicing and customer acquisition for more personalized promotional offers and cross/ up selling activities. It also helps eliminate manual tasks and reduce the time spent on business process management. This means that whichever customer the bank communicates with, this interaction will be stored and recorded and the necessary employees will be aware of the communication process. Sage CRM helps financial institutions make communication and data management more efficient and smooth, thus leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. By dealing with shifting customer trends, the system provides a set of tools to cope with an increasing number of multichannel communications.


Oracle Banking Platform is a preintegrated solution that helps large banks take the complexity and cost out of technology to invest in tech that is designed to strategically transform their business. Oracle delivers a combination of technology and comprehensive business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banks and other financial institutions. Oracle was developed to help banks respond to business challenges and enhance their business models using business processes, which drive productivity improvement upgrades while reducing operational spending. One of the core benefits of the Oracle Banking Platform is a set of options that provide banks with the flexibility to frame a transformational path based on their individual requirements and needs. The Oracle Banking Platform supports banks’ growth agenda through effective distribution strategies such as white labeling or multi-branding to reach new markets and enterprise product origination, supporting multi-products and packages to drive the customer loyalty growth.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps banks and financial institutions streamline their key processes, such as account case escalation and loan origination with automated workflows and dialogs as well as onboarding. This helps users spend more time on cross-sell opportunities, as well as ensure that pricing and banking policies are aligned to the bank’s strategy, which provides more opportunities for increasing profitability and managing risks by identifying risk-elevating processes. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can also slash operational costs across multiple channels, call centers, and offices and therefore minimize administrative tasks with productivity features. The CRM solution allows banks to win loyalty and trust by adopting the customer-centric processes thanks to personalized client services. 

Workflow automation provided by Microsoft helps users increase operational efficiencies while freeing time to pursue their core competencies. Intuitive customization and integration with existing IT infrastructure helps reduce the total cost of ownership and empower users to deliver faster, more informed and effective resolutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps banks and financial institutions track sales activities, determine key trends, and identify valuable customers with integrated analytics and real-time dashboards.

CRM system can help your organization establish efficient analysis paths for managing data and customer relations. However, in order to see your investment in client relationship management tech pays off, you should consider doing an in-depth analysis of the needs and requirements so you can deploy the solution that will enable your bank to reach goals and give you more insight into the ways of optimization and effective management.