Cruz Exposes Republican Rift

Ted Cruz, the last true Republican to drop out of the Presidential race this year may have completely destroyed the facade that was holding up the GOP camp over the last few months. There is a major rift in the party, something that everyone knows, but no admits. Cruz refused to endorse Trump as the Republican front runner publicly in the convention, drawing angry boos and jeers from the hundreds of Trump supporters present at the occasion.

The not so united front

At the beginning of the convention in Cleveland, everything was seemingly calm and the Republican party seemed to be one unit, including Paul Ryan who has still remained stoic about how his party is held together by strings. It was Cruz though who completely blew it all open. For three whole days, the almost perfectly scripted show somehow managed to stay on track. It almost seemed plausible that the GOP with Trump at the helm might be a formidable enough force to take DC against the Clinton camp.

Ugly crowd

After Cruz’s speech ended, anti Trump Republican Cuccinelli was seen taking Mrs. Cruz away from the stage. ‘There was an ugly crowd’, he later said and he found it necessary to take her away to safety. Cruz started his speech congratulating Trump on capturing the nomination and went on to talk about how people should not have to stay at home in November, but vote through their conscience. It was seen as some as a way for Cruz to get people to vote a no-confidence against Trump.

Other Republicans, however, did not take too kindly to Cruz’s attitude. Many were quite vocal and were heard shouting ‘Go Home!’ right after the speech.

Trump later made an entrance around the end of Cruz’s speech, appreciated the speech, but clearly drew away from his rival’s remarks in a way that is unique to him. Trump later tweeted that Cruz broke his promise and that it was no big deal.

Rough History

In the months that led up to the convention, Trump and Cruz were bitter rivals on the campaign trail. Trump infamously attacked Cruz’s wife’s looks and said Senior Cruz was with JFK’s assassin before the incident. Cruz called Trump a narcissist and a serial philanderer at multiple occasions.

A member of the Cruz camp said that the backlash that they got for not standing behind Trump was something that wasn’t unexpected.

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