Crystal Pepsi is coming back after 30 years

This Wednesday, PepsiCo announced that Crystal Pepsi is officially making a comeback this summer. What is confirmed by the beverage and snacking giant is that Crystal Pepsi would return to shelves for a “limited time” in the U.S. and Canada over the next few months. 

Crystal Pepsi is a short-lived clear soda with a cult following, which had a brief run in the U.S. between 1992 and early 1994.

By 1994, colorless was deemed “dead” by media outlets. Originally meant to convey purity and more natural ingredients, the craze ended up engulfing many pockets of the consumer goods world—including dishwashing soaps, gasoline, and even beer.

It is widely believed that the end of Crystal Pepsi was led by too many copy-cat products. Crystal Pepsi originally generated such impressive waves that the clear cola inspired some high-profile copycats. Rival Coca Cola also went “clear” with the launch of Tab Clear, which was a cinnamon-tinged version of Coke’s original diet soft drink. At the time Crystal Pepsi was launching, executives were so excited about the innovation that they were saying it was akin to when the chocolate industry began to sell white chocolate.

According to Pepsi, the 30-year-after return of Crystal Pepsi was inspired by “overwhelming fan demand.” 

Pepsi had previously offered Crystal Pepsi through a sweepstakes it held last year, but this new initiative represents a broader retail push, albeit for a limited time. The soda will start to hit shelves on July 11 in Canada and Aug. 8 in the U.S., with the retail push focusing on 20-ounce bottles that will retail for $1.79.

The big news of Crystal Pepsi comes during a busy week for Pepsi’s soda portfolio. Just two days earlier, the company announced a big change to its lineup, including the return of Diet Pepsi with aspartame after a big, splashy change to the beverage’s formula last year.

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