Customers Can Now Use Walmart’s Payment App to Make Payments Across 33 US States

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) customers can now pay for goods via a new payment feature, called Walmart Pay. The company had announced the development of the app in December 2015. 

Walmart rolled out the app in select stores in December, promising to release it across the entire US by mid 2016. As of now, the app is available to customers in 33 US states and counting.

App to simplify shopping at Walmart says Walmart Senior VP of services

Speaking about the development, Senior VP of services at Walmart, Daniel Eckert said that the app was designed to simplify shopping at Walmart and make it easier and faster. He said he knew that is what customers want.

Walmart customers who want to use the app must have an account with and they must link their credit card, debit card of gift card to the payment app. So how do you use the app?

After you’ve chosen your merchandise, you have to go to the checkout as usual, where your purchase will be vetted and you will be given a QR code. You have to open the Walmart app, scan the QR code and the amount will be deducted from your account. The receipt for the payment will be emailed to you. Checkout will be as usual- you can get it done by a checker and where available, do it yourself.

App available for Android and Apple iOS devices

Phillip Keene, spokesperson for Walmart Southeast said that the app has created a convenient and easy way to make the purchase, eliminating the need to carry cash in a purse or wallet.

Walmart Pay works with Android and Apple OS devices. The service is specific to Walmart while services like Android Pay and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Pay have a larger utility. According to Walmart, close to 22 million customers have already used the app until now and the number is growing quickly.

Walmart is not marketing the product as a competitor for other payment apps. The company only wants to steam line the checkout process at its stores, with the help of QR codes. Even then, it is too early to say how the app will work out.

The app has only been in the market for a month and a half and there is not enough data to tell how customers are going to react to the app. Still, this is a good move from Walmart, one that is expected to have wide ranging ramifications for how merchandise will be bought in the US.

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