Cynthia Nixon may Enter Politics

Actress Cynthia Nixon has made her dissatisfaction with Andrew Cuomo known with her strong statement that there is a widening gap between the rich and the poor in public education. She was on the NBC Today show responding to questions about whether or not she will be a contender in the coming Democratic primary.

Nixon agrees she has heard the rumors

Avoiding any direct answer to the question of whether she will be going up against Cuomo in the primary, Nixon did say that she has been hearing similar rumors for a while now. The rumors started after it became very clear that Nixon was not happy with the way Cuomo has handled things and she has been very direct about her complaints too. She said that there seem to be a lot of people who would want her to challenge Cuomo for his post. Mentioning what she perceives as the biggest problem in New York, she said that education should be a priority issue because of the many problems that it can create. She pointed out that the gap in terms of public education between the rich and the poor is already too wide and it is worsening at an alarming rate under Cuomo's leadership.

Cuomo's spokesman has refuted these allegations and invited Nixon to meet with the governor face to face. He says that school state funding is at an all-time high now under Cuomo's leadership and this clearly indicates his focus on education.

Cuomo says he will run for governor

Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo has reiterated that he will be running for governor a third time in 2018 and hoping that he will get his third term extension. There have been talks of him being proposed for the White House in 2020, but Cuomo's third term talk has indicated that he may not have any such plans as of now.

Talking about Nixon's critique of New York and its governor, Rich Azzopardi, the governor's spokesman, said that it will only serve to make New York stronger if people point out issues. He described Nixon as a passionate advocate of education and highlighted that the governor is willing to discuss the issues that she has raised. Meanwhile, it is also interesting to note that Nixon's name has been coming in a list of potential candidates for the post of governor.

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