DACA Dismantle Decision Not Unanimous

Legislators were split on the decision taken by President Donald J. Trump to dismantle the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. The Trump administration took the decision to stop accepting new applications for the program. The DACA act protects thousands of young people who were illegally brought into the country by their parents when they were small children.

Unconstitutional legislation

Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, declared the President Obama-era law as a clear example of the unconstitutional use of authority. He said that this must compulsorily be revoked. The Trump administration gave Congress about six months time to concoct a legislative replacement. This must be done before the government stops the renewal of permits for individuals already included in this program.

Opposition from lawmakers was swift. Bob Casey, a Democratic Senator elected from Scranton, disagreed with this move. He termed it as an insult to the United States and its values. He said that those who are getting deported are law-abiding people who have paid taxes and learned English. They have secured jobs to support not only themselves but also their families. He reminded the political establishment that the US had made a pledge to protect them if they announced themselves. President Trump is now breaking that promise.

Fractured Republican voices

Support for DACA children also came from the Republican side as well. Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican from Lehigh Valley, is of the opinion that since these children came into the US as per the will of their parents, and not by their own decision, they are not at fault. This is the reason the young people who are protected under DACA deserves support. However, the Republican said Obama had no legal authority to authorize the DACA program. He also said that the former president ignored enforcement of the existing immigration laws.

President Trump has his supporters as well. Representative Lou Barletta, an elected Republican from Hazleton, commended the president on placing the deadline for ending DACA. The Representative said that the President understands that immigration decisions in the United States rest with what Congress does, and not with the nation's executive branch. Barletta pointed out when President Obama granted amnesty to many illegal immigrants, he created an increased competition for the US workers and also the legal immigrants searching for work. The GOP politician said that the US citizens or the legal migrants must not suffer due to people who are residing in the country via illegal means.

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