Darden among Top 10 for Alumni Satisfaction

The Forbes magazine results are out and the report confirms what many already knew: alumni of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia are most satisfied when it comes to MBA education in the United States. This ranking was made after a survey done involving about 17,500 MBA alumni. Those surveyed have passed out from their respective institutes in 2012. The survey asked respondents about their education. Queries also touched upon the current jobs they hold as well.

Top all the way

Forbes magazine-released rankings put Darden in the first position for alumni satisfaction when it comes to MBA education. The school is ranked second in overall satisfaction. It was surpassed only by Stanford Graduate School of Business. For Darden, this top ranking is not the first accolade. The institute also enjoyed top position in The Economist survey. The study went over a number of business schools located all over the world. Darden came out tops in all surveys.

Two magazines- Entrepreneur and Princeton Review – ranked Darden's one among the top seven graduate business programs within the United States. This high ranking makes the institute to stay among the top rankings as adjudged by Entrepreneur for consecutively three years. It improved its ranking from the 11th position in 2016. This upside is one of the biggest gains among all the American programs.

Premium faculty and entrepreneurial streak

Past students credit their teachers at Darden for the high ranking. There is also the robust student community whose positive views contributed to peak rankings. The faculty is a top notch one, who always give their time to students and intellectual peers. It also helps that they challenge the intellect of the students. The result is that a passed out student is already prepared to meet workplace challenges.

The ranking in entrepreneurship takes into account a total of 40 data points encompassing five vital areas: engagement by student and faculty, offerings outside the classroom, academic activities, alumni entrepreneurial activity, and the scholarships provided for entrepreneurship. The collected data shows that Darden alumni are entrepreneurial ones. Graduates from Darden has started a number of companies whose number has only risen over the years. Funds raised by such businesses went from $387 million to touch $642 million. The number of startups surviving to become established companies went from 62 percent from 2007 to 86 percent in 2017. Mentor numbers also went up in sponsored entrepreneurship from the past 48 to near 100 now.

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