Database First Time Discloses Pharma Payments to UK doctors

Last week, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) published details for the first time of payments or benefits in kind made to healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and healthcare organizations in the UK on a publicly accessible database – disclosed by UK.

UK’s pharmaceutical industry paid £340.3 million in total to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations in 2015, two-thirds of which (£229.3 million) was related to R&D of medicines.

According to the database, the remaining £111 million was assigned to activities such as donations and grants to healthcare organizations, sponsorship agreements, travel and accommodation, consultancy, conference arrangement.

The average amount invested per company is around £3.1 million. 84 percent of companies reported total investments of under £5 million. Companies that paid more than £5 million spent, on average, 71 percent on research activities.

ABPI was required to obtain permissions from healthcare professionals to include them in the database; 30 percent of healthcare professionals paid with an estimated 52 percent of payments refused to be named.

“When we analyze the data, it shows that some of those who are paid the most have chosen not to disclose,” said Mike Thompson, ABPI chief executive. He added, “We’re committed to transparency – we believe it’s right that the public has the opportunity to see some of the detail behind how we work with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and organizations to ensure life-enhancing medicines are developed for the patients who need them. Today, is an important step in sharing as much as of that information as we can.”

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