DataRobot Acquires Automated Machine Learning Startup Nexosis

announced today it has acquired Nexosis, an automated machine learning
software company based in Columbus, Ohio. Terms of the acquisition
remain confidential.

Like DataRobot, Nexosis has been committed to delivering solutions that
put machine learning in the hands of more users to help improve business
operations and impact bottom line growth.

“When we first spoke with Nexosis CEO Ryan Sevey, we were very impressed
with what they had accomplished and how well their vision aligned with
ours. We jumped at the opportunity to have them join us and keep their
technology — and their talent — out of the market before the many
aspirational DataRobot competitors could try to acquire them,” said
Jeremy Achin, CEO and Co-Founder, DataRobot. “Other companies in the
data ecosystem looking to try to copy DataRobot should seriously think
about firing their corporate development people for missing an
opportunity like this.”

With this acquisition, DataRobot is continuing to execute on its vision
of delivering an enterprise-grade platform that automates AI development
for a vast majority of practical applications. The backlog of data
science work is far too vast for the tiny number of data scientists out
there, and DataRobot enables business analysts, software engineers, and
data engineers to build machine learning models and AI applications. At
the same time, it can increase the productivity of a data science team
by an order of magnitude. Perhaps the most powerful thing about
DataRobot is that it brings people with different skill sets and roles
together to work on a single platform.

While the Nexosis and DataRobot visions are perfectly aligned, the
strengths of the two companies are very complimentary. The strengths of
the Nexosis team and technology will level-up DataRobot’s capabilities
in specific and strategically important areas that will enable the
company to attack the market from new angles, put DataRobot in the hands
of more users, and make its current customers even more successful.

This marks the second acquisition of bleeding edge machine learning
technology following the acquisition of Boston-based
Nutonian, a data science software company specializing in time
series analytical modeling.

“Just as the Nutonian acquisition allowed us to corner the time series
market, the Nexosis acquisition is equally strategic. For now, we are
keeping the details under wraps, but we are excited to make some big
announcements directly related to this acquisition soon,” added Achin.

All of Nexosis’ employees will become part of DataRobot, effective
immediately. DataRobot, which has raised more than $120 million in
funding to date, has customers across the globe and offices across the
US, UK, France, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Nexosis is
based in Columbus, Ohio. As part of the acquisition, DataRobot will be
making an investment in Columbus as a strategic location to expand
research and development.

About DataRobotDataRobot offers an enterprise machine
learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to develop and
deploy machine learning and AI faster. Incorporating a library of
hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms,
the DataRobot platform automates, trains, and evaluates models in
parallel, delivering AI applications at scale. DataRobot provides the
fastest path to AI success for organizations of all sizes. For more
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