David Cameron Quits Politics

In a surprising move on Monday, former British Prime Minister David Cameron resigned his seat in the House of Commons. He had initially stepped down as Prime Minister in June after the EU referendum results showed that the majority wanted to leave the EU. Cameron has created the referendum in the hopes of staying in the EU and had campaigned accordingly; he stepped down hours after the results came in with Theresa May taking over his position in July.

Cameron’s decision to the leave the House leaves many politicians, critics and spectators baffles as former Prime Minister usually held their seats for years after stepping down. Cameron clarified that if he stayed on any longer, he would end up becoming a distraction. This might be the case as he has faced criticism from both Liberal and Conservative parties following the EU referendum and the subsequent defeat of the Remain campaign. He was openly accused of miss-management and recklessness after the EU defeat as he failed to deal with rising anti-EU sentiments. His initial decision to hold the referendum in the first place was also criticized and seen as pandering to the Conservative Party’s demands.

After his resignation, Prime Minister, Theresa May released a Facebook statement underlining that she was proud to serve under him during his time as the Prime Minister. She also went on to state that she wishes him the best of luck in the future. Former finance minister, George Osborne, also released a statement exclaiming that it was a sad day and that he understood the decision. Former foreign secretary reiterated Cameron’s claims stating that former PMs are either called out for doing too little or accused of being a distraction. He emphasized that it was the right decision on Cameron’s part. Boris Johnson, one of the main leaders of the Leave party, also had nice words to say about Cameron on Twitter while Labor Party lawmaker, Angela Eagle, was not so kind. She stated that Cameron had risked the whole country to settle an internal party debate and is now walking away leaving others to deals with the mess.

Cameron resigned by showing his full support to Theresa May and clearly stated that the resignation was not because of a particular issue. Many theorists claim that the resignation was a consequence of May’s decision to let state-funded pick students based on academic achievements, something that Cameron had opposed throughout his time in charge. In his final statement, Cameron clarified that he’s still only 49 and hopes to contribute to his country outside of politics. 

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