DBi Services Acquires Digital Traffic Systems to Expand into Intelligent Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance

Services (DBi) has acquired Digital
Traffic Systems, Inc. (DTS), an intelligent transportation systems
(ITS) company. As the transportation market continues to evolve, and
cars become more connected and autonomous, DBi sees an opportunity to
better serve its more than 3,000 customers by further expanding into
intelligent infrastructure solutions and services. Together, DBi and DTS
are a unified company for intelligent infrastructure maintenance,
management, and operations including transportation technology assets
that provide customers and the traveling public with real-time
information and data.

“Partnering with DTS made perfect sense. We both operate and maintain
different transportation assets, many times on the same roadway network.
Now, we can offer our distinct yet highly complementary services and
knowledge under one roof to existing and future customers,” said Mark
Robinson, DBi Services President and Chief Operating Officer.

Roger Zino, DBi Chief Executive Officer, said, “This partnership gives
us more insight and talent to continue to lead the industry in
innovation, protect the safety of the traveling public, and anticipate
the coming changes our customers will need to address as transportation
continues to evolve.”

DBi and DTS have a similar customer base (typically DOTs) and will work
together to ensure those customers receive the highest levels of safety,
customer service and high-quality performance. DTS will operate as a
wholly owned subsidiary of DBi and will continue to operate out of its
headquarters in Ashland, Virginia.

“We eagerly anticipate the start of work alongside the team at DBi. This
partnership provides us with the resources and support to more quickly
expand our specialized transportation technology services into expanded
markets and strengthens our capabilities and focus on providing ITS and
traffic data services for our customers,” said Peter Keen, DTS President
and Chief Operating Officer. “As a larger and more diverse company we
can also provide more opportunities for advancement for our employees
and deliver specialized technical support more effectively.”

To better help customers make long-term planning decisions, a key area
of focus for DBi is expanding into new and emerging markets that benefit
customers, the traveling public, and the industry overall. DBi will
continue to actively look to support companies that are impacting the
future of transportation with significant investments and strategic

About DBi Services

DBi Services is a global leader in infrastructure operations and
maintenance. Founded in 1978, DBi is headquartered in Hazleton,
Pennsylvania, and has grown from a small commercial residential
maintenance company to a global network of over 90 locations and
approximately 3,000 employees in the US, Canada and the UK, providing
infrastructure maintenance, management and operations solutions to
government agencies, railways, utilities and private industries. To
further fuel its growth, in 2016 DBi partnered with Sterling
Partners, a diversified investment firm committed to building
high-quality companies, allowing DBi to invest in more resources and
build upon its position as a market leader. For more information, visit www.dbiservices.com.

About Digital Traffic Systems

Digital Traffic Systems (DTS) is focused on providing the best in
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Data Collection
solutions and services. DTS has almost two decades of experience
planning, managing, and executing innovative projects, including complex
ITS projects and performance-based statewide Traffic Data programs.
Complete ITS support for major assets for agencies and localities across
the country include sensors, monitoring and display systems, design and
installation, custom maintenance programs, and system support.
Government agencies and engineering firms depend on DTS to provide
high-quality traffic data and accurate transportation monitoring. For
more information, visit www.digitaltrafficsystems.com.

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