Dell Reveals New Computers

Dell Technologies Inc. (NYSE: DVMT) revealed new products this week during the BETT 2017 convention in London, including new laptops and monitors designed for educational purposes. The three different versions of laptops are running with a Windows 10 operating system, and Chrome. The devices are intendent for k-12 students. The monitors offer large touch screens and options for a multi-touch input for a modern interactions.

All the new computers will be available for purchase from February 7 in the US. The 11-inch Convertible laptops will cost $579 for the Windows model and $349 for the Chrome system version. The Latitude 11 will cost $349, Chromebook 11 for $219, the Latitude 13 for $519 and Chromebook 13 will cost $299.

The Latitude 11 Convertible stands out from the other products revealed, due to its “world-facing” camera designed to be used in tablet mode. The Latitude 11 is also compatible woth Dell’s Productivity Active pen, which the company claims offers “natural pen-to-paper writing motion.”

As for the large monitors, Dell introduced the 55-inch and 86-inch 4K Interactive Touch Monitors designed for classroom presentations and collaboration. 

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