Democrat States Display Strength

If one believes the mainstream US media, then the Democratic Party is on a roll. The media has latched on to the Virginia victory and extrapolated on that. The industry has collectively ignored a number of Republican winnings in places where the Democrats were entrenched for a long time. Places in Massachusetts make a few examples. The GOP won an election on the outskirts of Tampa, a place where the Democrats enjoy higher registration numbers.

Republican winnings

If one goes by conventional political lore, this was not supposed to happen. The post-2016 elections showed the Republicans enjoying the maximum number of Legislative seats. In fact, the time during the former President Barack Obama administration saw a number of Legislative seats being transferred to the Republicans. It follows that the Democrats could reclaim momentum, but they failed to do so. Even during the ending period of 2017, seats went from Democrat to the GOP. The tax reform package will only help Republicans in their continued dominance quest.

The Democrats, along with their media allies, continue to proclaim that what happened in Virginia was the beginning of a Republican rout. The reality is that a Democratic constituency voted Democratic.  It is to be noted that this Democrat victory came after progressives spend truckloads of money in the state just to hold on to seats which were won once by President Trump. It is a fact that the Democratic Party and its allies cannot afford to spend money in such copious amounts for a long time.

Brown and Tran

Chris Brown, the Republican Senator-Elect of New Jersey wrested a well-entrenched Democratic seat which the latter held much before President Obama came to power in 2008. The former President won by 21 percent more than his rival. Hillary also comfortably won it during the presidential election, winning by a double-digit margin. In 2017, Chris Brown trumped the GOP governorship candidate on the same ballot and won a decisive win.

The Democrat rout was also seen in Mississippi, where Neil Whaley, the conservative candidate took the seat that once belonged to a Democratic Minority Leader. This runoff election result only increased the GOP supermajority. The Republican Dean Tran won a Massachusetts Senate seat which had voted Democrat since 1974. The area was won by both Obama and Clinton during their last elections. Tran has thus become the sole Vietnamese American in Massachusetts legislature.

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