Democratic Lawmakers push for the Legalization of Marijuana in Rhode Island

Senator Joshua Miller and Representative Scott Slater of Rhode Island wish to push for legalization of marijuana.  “Our constituents think it is time for lawmakers to pass this legislation, and we should listen to them,” Miller stated.  “If we fail to pass the bill this year, we will lose significant ground to Massachusetts.” 

Governor Gina Raimondo is open to the idea of legalization.  A proposal is being assembled which would allow adults 21 and over to use marijuana for recreational purposes where the government would impose a 23 percent tax.  Although the previous push to legalize the drug was unsuccessful, lawmakers now are optimistic.

A poll back in October 2016 by Gallup revealed that 60 percent of Americans support the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.  Marijuana continues to remain illegal under federal law and it is not clear yet whether or not President-elect Trump is for or against legalization.

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