Democrats battle for House Minority Leader position

Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio, has challenged Nancy Pelosi, the incumbent House Minority Leader, for Democratic leadership in the House. The latter has held the position for more than a decade. She was nominated to the leadership post in 2003. In his letter to fellow Democrats, he wrote that he has taken the challenge to be a leader after countless hours of fruitful interaction with Caucus members, noting that there is a clear consensus of things not working as per they should.

Pelosi’s bad days

For Pelosi, the recent weeks were not kind. The Democrat Party lost the keys to the White House, leading her to delay leadership elections in the party until November 30. When the media made contact with her about the matter, her office declined to announce anything. However, in her earlier interview to reporters, she was extremely confident of retaining her top post. She also claimed that two-thirds of the Caucus supports her-even without her asking for it. Pelosi described the present divisions within her party as a kind of argument within the family. She said that she completely respects other peoples’ point of view.

For Ryan, who comes from Youngstown area, the notion of him assuming office fills him up with optimism. He is a 43 year old Midwesterner holding moderate centrist views. In his earlier avatar, he had protested against free trade and was totally anti-abortion. The Democrat challenger was centrist on the issue of guns. He changed his anti-abortion tune to a pro-abortion one only in 2015.

Congress regulars

Ryan is a regular at Congress from 2003. He presently serves on influential budgets and appropriations committees. He is also the co-chairman of Congressional Manufacturing Caucus. He pointed out that the Democrats have been the majority in the House for only four years of the preceding 20 years. He points out the elections have hit the Democratic Party hard. He further went on to say the party has lost approximately 60 seats from its heyday in 2010. He wants the party to elect new leadership

According to Pelosi, she always had opponents and will not allow all members of the Democratic Party to accept full responsibility of the White House debacle. She said that the Democratic Party will analyze the results and try to figure out what went wrong. She also reminded her audience that what happened during elections was beyond their control.

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