Democrats come to power in Illinois

Republican supporters were in for a bit of a shock when the Illinois local elections came to a close.  After a century, a Democrat has been elected to the board, ousting the Republican who was holding the seat. The Normal Township appears to have reflected what a majority of Americans are wishing they could do at a higher level.

Democrats make a clean sweep in many locations

In West Deerfield and Elgin, the townsfolk seem to be in no two minds about who they want in positions of authority. Both townships have gone to polls and come out with 100% Democratic boards showing that Republicans are not really enjoying much favor here currently. Kankakee has made a landmark election decision by voting for its very first- African American mayor who is also Democratic.

Political analysts are of the view that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that Republicans must heed this trend because it only indicates what the nation as a whole is feeling right now about its leaders and the party in power in the Oval Office. Credit also needs to be given to an organization that helps Democrats campaign in more effective ways. While the organization, Build the Bench, does deserve credit, it is hard to believe that better campaigning alone is the reason for  the clean sweep hat Democrats have made at this election. 

Georgia and Kansas heading the same way 

While it may not be fair to say that that the whole of America is voting Democrat right now, there is really no exaggeration is pointing out that both Georgia and Kansas seem to head the Illinois way without a doubt. Contesting for Georgia's 6th congressional district, the Democratic candidate John Ossoff has raised over 15 times as much money as his Republican opponent. It must also be remembered here that the current incumbent, Republican Tom Price won his seat by a wide margin last time around. Georgia has traditionally been considered a safe seat  for Republicans but this is clearly not the case this time.

Kansas has been sending out similar signals with the Democrat candidate James Thomson' campaign gaining immense strength against the Republican Mike Pompeo. In Delaware's special election, the Democratic candidate not only won but also enjoyed unprecedented support from volunteers from far off locations who turned up to support her. Some eight local elections have seen the voters swing in favor of Democrats as opposed to Republicans and this is surely a trend that needs to be taken note of.  

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