Democrats Prepare for Next Healthcare Battle

For Democrats, with the Republican championed Affordable Care Act (ACA) already on cold storage, it is time to move to a new phase in the healthcare battle. Compounding their pain is the upcoming midterm election cycle. They are now lobbying shots of healthcare ideas which have minimal chance of fruition as the GOP controls both the White House and the Congress. All these are to help them to squiggle out of the political wildness that they have found themselves in. To put in one sentence, the Democrats are fighting for a better political future.

Medicare for all

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator elected from Vermont, is all set to unveil a new bill 'Medicare for All' in September. He will take advantage of the break in August to create a momentum for the upcoming legislation. The Senator wrote in a newspaper that establishing a single payer Medicare will improve the health of Americans. Middle-class US families will enjoy substantial financial savings if this program goes through. He said that passing this legislative piece is the moral action to do. Sanders put the concept of universal healthcare central to his aim of a Democratic nomination. The idea has since gained the needed traction. The universal healthcare idea has enjoyed progressive resurgence within members of the party.

The Senator from Vermont continued in his presidential campaign theme which he harped on 2016. He requested his supporters to sign up as 'citizen co-sponsor' of forthcoming legislation. He argued that it is high time to fight a political and moral war against a faulty healthcare system.

It helps that many of Sanders' probable opponents in the presidential primary to be held in 2020 have voiced their support for a government administered healthcare system. Support has poured in from Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California. Senator Elizabeth Warren, the influential Democrat from Massachusetts is also in line with the idea.

Democrat opposition

This does not mean that all Democrats have agreed to the single payer, universal healthcare plan. Republican Senator Steve Daines (Mont) was supported by Democratic Senators Heidi Heitkamp (N.D), Joe Manchin (W.Va), Jon Tester (Mont) and Joe Donnelly (Ind). Senator August King from Maine also went with the Republican. Heitkamp said realistic solutions are required to fix the healthcare system. Senator Claire McCaskill (Mo), a Democrat, told her constituents that she would not agree to any single payer proposal.

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