Democrats rally to oppose ACA repeal

Democrats are now putting in all their efforts to stop the Republicans from repealing Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare as it is popularly known. Rallies are scheduled to be held in a number of cities. The party is also trying to regain its base after it failed to keep White House from Republican clutches.

Sanders at the forefront

On the spearhead is Senator Bernie Sanders, the independent who caucus with the Democrats in the Senate. He was also a popular candidate during the Democratic presidential primary in 2016. His candidature was boosted by a robust online following. Sanders was named as a leader among the Senate Democrats. He is at present the chairman of outreach. The Independent Senator used his comprehensive email list brought together at the campaign to assist in organizing support for rallies defending the continuation of Obamacare.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader and Senator Sanders traveled to Warren, Michigan. Although Schumer officially holds maximum power among the Washington Democrats, Sanders was the one who attracted the crowds. Many of the assembled members in the crowd carried signs mentioning his name. Schumer even had to pause his speech when Sanders walked to the stage in the middle of his oratory.

Other Democratic rallies were led by a number of prominent Democrats- from San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi-the minority leader of the House to Boston’s Senator Elizabeth Warren. She told the crowd outside the city’s Faneuil Hall that they knew there will be fights and the first one has already come.

Martin O’Malley, the former Governor of Maryland, even led a singing along at Utah State Capitol. Pelosi, in San Francisco, said that they are not going back.

Democrat woes

For Warren and Sanders, it was not random that they held the event in Warren. Macomb County, which surrounds the city are symptomatic of Democrat problems. Barack Obama carried the county by a slim margin in 2008 and also in 2012. Donald Trump won by over 10 points more than Hillary Clinton, the presidential nominee from the Democratic Party.

Trump’s principal voting plank came from the predominantly white and working class county. He received a total of 48,000 votes. The number is four times the victory margin in the once sure Democratic leaning state. Schumer and Sanders hold the opinion that Democrats can take back the support it once had from the economy centric decidedly middle class voters.

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