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Democrats to set aside “intramural politics” and take Chamber

Geoff Berman, a high-ranking member of New York Democratic Party, asked the State Senate Democrats on April 3 to set aside all “intramural politics” and aim to take control of Chamber from the GOP. Berman holds the post of executive director.

Merge of two groups

Berman has warned that any Democratic senator attempting to undermine this plan will be seen as disloyal to the party. The person will then be defeated by a united Democratic front. The stated outcome of such a plan is to unite he two Democratic factions. In his statement which he wrote in no uncertain words, the Democrat wrote that there will be no further tolerance of individual power struggles or continued division within Senate Democratic Conference.

Leaders of traditional Democrats in Senate and the Independent Democrats, the principal splinter group, have consented to merge in case candidates from the Democratic fold dominate in two special elections. Talks of unification is not new. Previous unification efforts failed in 2014.

Republicans and Democrats

Republicans right now have a razor thin majority of one seat in the chamber. The latter consists of a total of 63 seats. Democrats presently enjoy a substantial majority in the New York State Assembly. They hold offices of attorney general, governor, and comptroller. Senate control would assist them to take full control of the state government machinery. This will help them pass a number of proposals which are presently blocked by Republicans. The Bronx race would be easy for Democrats as there is no Republican opponent. Luis Sepulveda is the Democratic candidate.

Democrats are confident about taking the senate chamber from the Republicans. They base their hope on the upcoming two special elections scheduled to be held for the senate. The elections will be held in Westchester County and the Bronx. The election date is April 24. The Democrats must take a resolution to solve the schism which led nine members to break with mainstream diplomats. They also should align with Republicans. Shelley Mayer, a Democratic Assemblywoman, faces Julie Killian, GOP and an ex-councilwoman in Westchester.

Berman's warning signifies that top-level Democrats are serious when it comes to repairing this particular rupture. The Republicans have showed no concern about the statement. They say that full Democratic control of Senate will be “unmitigated disaster”. They cautioned that checks and balances are needed to prevent radical Democrats from doing what they want.