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DentalEZ Launches Intelligent Aeras Technology

DentalEZ® is launching a new IoT product platform called Aeras™ that supports the company’s mission to address real, everyday challenges in dentistry. Simply put, DentalEZ is redefining what smart means in the practice of dentistry by leveraging technology to allow the dentist and staff to provide truly superior patient care through practice efficiency and new standards of care.

Focused first on restorative care, DentalEZ will continue innovation moving forward.

The new Aeras 500 Elite dental handpiece offers unprecedented power and is the only air driven handpiece capable of cutting through the latest high-strength ceramic materials with confidence, safety and ease. This is essential to the dentist and patient who want to minimize the amount of time and discomfort involved in dental work. Additionally, the Aeras 500 Elite holds exclusive patent-pending RFID technology that unlocks new possibilities for complete practice interconnectivity that reduces the burdens of traditional record keeping, thereby, enhancing productivity for the entire staff.

DentalEZ President Heather Trombley is proud to be leading this change in direction for the Company. “DentalEZ has always been known for reliable products, but I knew our team could do more,” she states, “We set out to make it easier for oral health care professionals to deliver better patient outcomes, and the launch of Aeras starts to fulfill this mission.”

The new Aeras dental compressor is enabled with the latest cloud-based technology that offers active monitoring with data streaming from embedded sensors relayed to the right persons at the right time. This can prevent unwanted downtime and also enables control of the compressor remotely. This means the dentist and staff need not worry about its operation and patients won’t be inconvenienced by an unplanned issue. Trombley states, “When technology can save energy, reduce waste, and minimize disruptions for more focus on patients, that’s smart. DentalEZ is committed introducing technology that translates into a better experience the moment the patient sits in the dental chair. That is what we are striving for.”

About DentalEZ®

The company stands as industry staple with over 100 years of experience. With top-level customer service and support, the company has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry by providing a full line of front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star, Ramvac, Forest®, Nevin™ and Columbia Dentoform®. Visit for more information.

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