Dewines’ Effective Tax Rate Similar to Average Ohioans’

Mike DeWine, the attorney general of Ohio and his wife Fran DeWine contributed federal taxes at a rate which is effectively equal to that of an average Ohioan. The two enjoys a gross income exceeding $600,000. Mike DeWine is also a GOP candidate for the governorship. The two released their income tax returns as submitted to the federal government for the past three years. This was done to satisfy the documentation requirements for the primary vote scheduled to be held on May 8.

Landed gentry

A substantial chunk of the DeWines' income was generated from the substantial sums of money in dividends and interests from the attorney general's family-controlled agricultural interests in Greene County. Money also came from the trusts set up by his parents. Of his total income, only $100,000 came from his attorney general salary. The adjusted gross income of the DeWines ranged from a low $634,975 to a high $758,794 in 2017. Income taxes paid to the federal government were about $113,801 in 2017 at 17.9 percent effective rate. In 2016, it was $121,527 and in 2015, it was $125,642 at 16.0 percent and 19.5 percent respectively.

In Ohio state, the median adjusted gross income comes to $60,710 per year. The median tax paid on this amount totaled about $10,561 in 2015. It comes to 17.4 percent. The DeWines overpaid income taxes to the federal government every year. They claimed credits up to an amount of $56,560. This was applied toward taxes in the following year. The personal contribution was an average $48,923 per year to charity over the past three years. DeWine Family Foundation, a non-profit entity, has assets of approximately $13.7 million; it distributed a total of $739,679 in 2017. From the total amount, the sum of $400,000 went to fund a number of Haiti schools. One complex in that country was named after Becky, the deceased daughter of DeWines. She was killed in a car crash in 1993.

Running mate

Tax form copies were not released to the press by the DeWine campaign team. They permitted reporters to only take notes and review them. Other than DeWine, Jon Husted, the present Secretary of State of Ohio, and his running mate, along with Tina, Husted's wife released their income tax paid to the federal government over the past three years. His income majorly consisted of the taxable $84,000 salary per year and Tina Husted's self-employment income ranging from a low $41,022 to a high of $88,604.

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