Diligent CEO Brian Stafford Receives National Recognition for Leadership in Governance

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) announced its
annual list of the 100 most influential individuals in the boardroom.
Among the honorees is Diligent CEO Brian Stafford. Diligent, the leader
in Enterprise
Governance Management, is one of the fastest-growing
software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and provides secure governance
and collaboration solutions for boards and leadership teams across the

Directorship 100 seeks to recognize the most influential leaders in
corporate governance. This year’s list is composed of 50 public company
directors and 50 governance professionals and institutions that
demonstrate knowledge, leadership and excellence.

At the helm of the company since 2015, Stafford has driven Diligent to
new heights. Under his leadership, Diligent has brought the only
integrated and secure enterprise governance management solution to
market with Governance
Cloud. Stafford’s leadership has not only catalyzed greater value
for clients, but has also driven Diligent’s revenue from $80
million to $200 million annually —
making it one of today’s most successful SaaS companies.

“I’m honored to be included on the NACD Directorship 100,” said
Stafford. “Diligent is an incredible organization made up of world-class
employees. Over the past three years, we have experienced immense growth
and continue to evolve to meet the needs of governance leaders, helping
them achieve good governance. Diligent continues to solidify itself as
the leader in Enterprise
Governance Management board software, and I’m humbled to work for
such an organization. I would like to thank Peter Gleason and the NACD
organization for the great work they do, and for this recognition.”

Throughout his career, Stafford has served as a constant engine for
growth generation, consistently devising unique approaches to accelerate
scalable business and managing seamless growth for his clients.
Previously serving as a Partner at McKinsey & Company, Stafford found
and led the organization’s Growth Stage Tech Practice, where he focused
on growth strategy and SaaS companies.

Diligent provides tailored services to meet the needs of every
boardroom, spanning industry sectors and individualized preferences.
With over a decade of experience as the market leader in corporate
governance software and over 14,000 clients and 450,000 users around the
globe, Diligent works with clients to provide solutions addressing
today’s disruptive business environment. Visit www.diligent.com
to learn more.

About Diligent

Diligent is the leading Enterprise Governance Management provider of
secure corporate governance and collaboration solutions for boards and
senior executives. Over 14,000 clients in more than 90 countries and on
all seven continents rely on Diligent for secure distribution of board
materials, as well as secure messaging, integrated compliance, board
evaluation and entity management. Governance Cloud is the only solution
that meets the evolving governance needs of leading organizations. Visit www.diligent.com
to learn more.

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