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Dirk Rompf, Formerly of Deutsche Bahn, Joins Cadmus Group Leadership Team

The Cadmus Group, a leading provider of technical expertise and strategic support to governments and private sector companies worldwide, announced today that Dr. Dirk Rompf has joined its global leadership team. As a senior vice president of the Cadmus Group of companies, Dr. Rompf will focus on expanding Cadmus’ support for sustainable infrastructure initiatives in the United States and internationally.

In addition, Dr. Rompf joins the executive board of Cadmus Europe. Cadmus Europe works with clients in the public and private sectors to develop solutions that enhance communities, advance sustainability, protect the environment, and secure employment and jobs. Cadmus Europe brings together experts and stakeholders to achieve transformative results in the fields of energy and climate, transportation, resilience and all hazard preparedness, strategic foresight and anticipatory governance, digitalization and smart government, and international development.

Dr. Rompf also joins Henning Banthien and Frank von Zukowski as a managing director of ifok, a Germany-based Cadmus Group company.

“We’re delighted that Dirk Rompf has joined our global leadership team,” said Cadmus Group president and CEO Ian Kline. “His unparalleled technical expertise and experience in shaping sustainable transformation will be tremendous assets to our clients at this pivotal moment when governments around the world are re-imagining infrastructure for future generations. The excellent leadership and strategic insights he brings will help guide the Cadmus Group as we expand our practice within Europe, the United States, and around the world.”

Dr. Rompf was most recently a member of the executive board of Deutsche Bahn Netz AG. He has been Professor of Transportation at the International School of Management in Frankfurt for over ten years. Additional milestones of his professional career include two management consultancies, where, as a senior partner, he was responsible for the topics of transportation and infrastructure, among others.

“I am very much looking forward to my new role as a senior vice president of the Cadmus Group,” said Dr. Rompf. “I see great potential in transferring Cadmus’ analytical and technical skills to Europe and combining them with ifok’s experience in major transformation programs.”

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