Disclosures show big Ticket Funding for Trump Inaugural

Donald Trump's swearing may not have been attended by big crowds but this does not mean that he did not draw some big ticket cash for his inaugural. Some donations from unexpected quarters have been recorded.

Documents released by inaugural organizers

Donald Trump's inaugural committee has made its disclosure and delivered them to the Federal Election Commission. In total, the contributions came up to about $107 million, which well over what Barack Obama's administration raised for his inaugural in 2009. Obama's inaugural drew in $53 million, which was a record at that point of time.  The committee is not required to outline exactly where all the money went. It has, however, issued a statement that any cash left over will be distributed to charities, though no charities have been names as such.  The fact that the inaugural committee does not have any restrictions on who much it raises of by what means, makes it easy for these bodies to bring in funds.

Main reasons why some big shots funded the inaugural 

Sheldon Adelson, a well-known businessman with significant interests in the casino business is one of the biggest fund- givers to the Tump inaugural. His agenda is rather clear. The fact is that online poker websites have been eating into brick and mortar casinos rather drastically over the recent past. To curb this, it is necessary to check the online sites and their growing popularity. What better way to do this than to ban online sites that offer gambling. Regulation that allows this to happen is what is probably backing Adelson's push for the Trump administration. Another thing that Adelson desires is the shift of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem from its current location in Israel. It must be noted that Adelson was NOT initially in favor of Trump in office. 

Apart from, Mr. Adelson, Joseph W. Craft, billionaire Robert Mercer, Coca- Cola, Microsoft, Google and many other names have been seen among the list of big donors to the Inaugural. The fact is that there is a lot to lose for these companies if they lack government support. Pitching in with donations for the Inaugural is a way to smooth things over and ensure that unnecessary hurdles do not arise under this administration.

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