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Discover Global Partners with Creditcall Corporation

Discover Global Network in US has partnered with the UK-based Creditcall Corporation to increase the acceptance of Diner Club Card and Discover Card. The former is headquartered in Greenwood, Delaware and is a well-known payment network made up of a number of credit cards like Diners Club International and Discover Card. PULSE and a number of affiliated networks which also come under its fold. 

Creditcall identifies itself as an EMV migration specialist and payment gateway provider. It seeks to make payments much easier for both consumers and businesses. The company is a notable contributor to expanding credit card usage for both phone and online purchases. 

Wider card acceptance

For Creditcall, the agreement with Discover Global Network means that the former will certify newer solutions for Discover Global across processor certifications in the future. This will broaden the scope of card acceptance and applicable to both the parties. In a number of sectors, Creditcall is the acknowledged leader, from transportation ticketing to vending, retail, parking and hospitality. A few of the biggest providers of UK transit systems – like Cubic and Atos already use the payment gateway provided by Creditcall. According to Gerry Wagner, the Vice President of Discover Global Network, working in tandem with Creditcall constitutes an important step when it comes to securing the acceptance of cards at merchants all over the world. He said that this agreement will result in the increase of merchant numbers, which card holders have access to across 30 nations.

Discover Global Network constitutes the third biggest payments network across the world. It enjoys the biggest merchant acceptance network across the Asia Pacific region. It enjoys in excess of 30 million acceptance locations and more than one million cash access and ATM locations spread over 185 countries. Discover Global Network has Discover, PULSE, Diners Club International and a number of affiliated networks in its fold. 

New technology adoption

Creditcall is presently helping US businesses to adopt the technology of EMV chip cards. These cards will replace the traditional magnetic strip ones found in wallets of consumers. The partnership will permit Discover Global and Diners Club, its associate to increase their acceptance among a wider range of global businesses. 

The end result should benefit both consumers and businesses everywhere. According to Creditcall, this initiative will benefit the future, present and past customers by providing them an enhanced and wider offering. Creditcall has developed the technology, which ensures easy flow of payments every time and anytime.

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