Display Revenues Ignored by Digital News Publishers

The year 2018 will witness a greater number of publishers turning away from the money coming from display advertising. The shift is already taking place as the money had moved to Social Media sites like Facebook and Google. They have now concentrated on consumer revenue and also branded content to financially sustain themselves.

Subscriptions in

A prominent digital news publisher does not permit display advertising on its website. The advertisers, instead, sponsor sections of the site. Yet another digital publisher acquires a lion's share of its total revenue through branded content and membership subscriptions. A few publishers sell only subscriptions to keep them afloat.

For digital publishers, it is a tough world. Those who depended solely on display ads have closed down. A few which have survived did so only due to the adoption of subscription memberships. Professionals working in this category now avoid the category as they are afraid they will not be good at it. He said that an excellent brand advertising is made possible by an integrated advertising strategy. Thus, it follows that a majority of local advertisement spending in the US is done in orthodox ad formats. The last include local television advertising and direct mail. However, the advertiser demand for due contextual relevance is no more as the ad dollars are now spent on programs. Advertisers now search for behavior, and not websites.

This new trend is so much now that even small companies which were once the mainstay of local media have lost interest in direct buying with the publishers. The local digital media publishers now follow a membership campaign to keep themselves afloat. Their founders continue to search for a predictable revenue stream which will enable them to provide salary to their employees.

Ad networks and polls

A few local publishers specializing in the news have plugged into the ad networks. Another one provides the local publishers their chance to participate in a scale play which demands that advertisers commit themselves to a certain spending minimum. Local publishers now sell non-display advertising formats. These include the paid placement in the local events calendars, co-branded events, and native ads placed in newspapers. The custom content then runs on a number of platforms.

Local publishers now do not compete with their national counterparts. Rather than huge branded content studios, the local entrepreneurs poll its audiences. The result is then segmented into behaviors and interests. Advertising is then sold based on those interests.

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