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Distracted Drivers Beware!

Distracted, Mayor, DiBlasio, Traffic, DriingMayor Bill DeBlasio and the NYPD will be cracking down on distracted drivers and those who fail to yield to pedestrians today Friday May 16th. This is the second day of the focused crackdown and part of DiBlasio’s Zero Vision program aimed at reducing traffic deaths in New York City. The program has been successful so far, in the first 4 months of its inception, traffic deaths have been cut down by one third (from 60 to 40) from the same time period last year. Injuries have also declined by 8%.

In the US, the CDC reports that in 2011, 3,331 people were killed in traffic accidents related to distracted driving and 387,000 were injured. Distracted driving can be broken down into 3 major categories: Visual, taking your eyes off of the road. Manual, taking your hands off the wheel. Cognitive, taking your focus off of driving. The cost of your first offense varies from $50-150, the second offense up to $200 and the third offense up to $400.

The second focus of today’s crackdown is yielding to pedestrians. This stems from the string of three deaths in a span of a mere 2 weeks in January, near or on the crosswalk of 96th street and Broadway.

This perilous corner unveiled safety improvements Tuesday May 13th as a part of the mayor’s Zero Vision program along with stricter jaywalking enforcement. The safety improvements include enlarged pedestrians areas and curbs, no left turns and a reduction in speed limit to 25 MPH. The Department of Transportation even released a music video titled,” Cross This Way” to teach America’s youth how to safely cross the street. The cost of a fail to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk ticket is $130.

So if you’re driving in NYC today, please be aware of the crackdown. Save some money on tickets and maybe save a life. Happy motoring New York.