Donald Trump Addresses the Nation in Wake of the Dallas Shootings

The city of Dallas in the largest Mainland American state of Texas has been in the news for another incident of gun violence in the United States of America. The country has been no stranger to gun violence in the past year itself. America has been gripped by a deadly problem, which is their gun regulation and rules that has pushed many innocent victims to an early death. The number of deaths that are caused out of shootings in various cities across America has for long outnumbered the victims that America lost in terror attacks. In spite of this being a compounded problem, America still has some alarmingly open gun regulations that allow virtually anyone to purchase and use a firearm.

The tragic publicity

In light of the shootings that recently occurred in Dallas, the Republican Party front runner, Donald Trump, expressed his views on the tragedy, and made it seem like a problem that seemed to spur out of racial tension and poverty. The New York businessman launched a video for the entire nation making the claim that poverty and racial tensions have reached its peak in the past few years, and that the United States of America needed to get more focused in resolving such intense issues that have gripped the nation.

The United States of America has become a hot bed for violence, especially in lower income group communities. The easy availability of firearms has worsened every situation in the lower income neighborhoods. The Dallas shootings came into national attention after a group of armed people shot and killed nearly a dozen police officers. The Presidential hopeful Donald Trump mentioned in his video that this was an attack on America, and that he had visited the police community within Dallas to address the problem and challenge the same.

Not a solution

Even though Donald Trump typically rants about the country’s problems, and commonly blames it on his opposition, yet he seemed to address the issue for one of the few times without doing the same. However, Trump did not say much about how the problem could be resolved. He did mention that America has been greatly polarized, but prevaricated from any particular solution. Many Trump critics claimed that the obvious solution to many gun violence related problems is gun control, but this may be too tough a pill for Trump to swallow in exchange for upsetting his vote base.

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