Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton’s Decision to Participate in Vote Recount a ‘Scam’

Recently, there was a lot of clamor among the democratic voters and supporters for a vote recount in the battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although Hillary Clinton had officially conceded defeat and also asked her supporters to accept the result, they were hoping that their beloved leader would ask for a recount. Clinton has already congratulated President-elect Donald Trump after the election and has also offered any help that may be needed from her to create a better future for America.

However, now her team has confirmed that she has planned to join in and support the “for-recount” bandwagon. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has already filed for a recount in Wisconsin and is trying to collect the logistics and legal fees required to carry out a manual recount of votes in two other swing states- Pennsylvania and Michigan. He has already collected $6 million through crowd sourcing of the possible $7 million needed for the purpose.

Hillary Clinton won’t ask for a recount herself

Marc Elias, a lawyer on behalf of the Clinton’s election campaign, has confirmed that Clinton’s campaign team doesn’t plan to raise the issue of recount themselves but would be participating in it to help Stein so that the process can be completed in a just and fair manner. The lawyer also clarified that they don’t have evidence of fraud or manipulation of the results themselves although their campaign was marked by repeated hacking attempts on their party and campaign databases.

Jill Stein’s petition requesting a recount of votes has been accepted by the Wisconsin’s Election Commission as the furor over possible manipulation and systemic fraud by electoral lawyers and computer experts during the counting continues.

Donald Trump reacts angrily

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump had recently taken to Twitter after the news started making rounds about Hillary’s possible participation in the recount process, calling her a hypocrite and using words like “scam” and “ridiculous” to describe the recount effort.

He also reminded everyone that Hillary Clinton had accepted the mandate and congratulated him just before he delivered his victory speech. He made it amply clear that he looks at it as nothing but a sham. He also felt that it was a futile effort to reach the same result and only meant loss of precious money and time.

It seems that life has come back full circle for Trump who had alleged of a fraud perpetuated against him by Clinton’s group to defeat him and had also said that he won’t accept the result in case he lost. Hillary’s Democratic primary rival has however refused to see too much into the recount process and said that he isn’t expecting a “profound change”.

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