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Donald Trump Deletes Purported Star of David Tweet

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gotten himself into trouble with the Jewish lobby after he tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton and with what seems to be a ‘star of David’ on a pile of money. The Star of David is an important religious symbol of the Jews.

He was eventually forced to delete the tweet after facing a tremendous backlash. The picture was later put up again with a circle in the place of the star.

Trump’s social media manager issues clarification

The Director of Trump’s social media campaign, Dan Scavino later released a statement where he said the picture was taken from a feed of anti-Clinton tweets and there was no intention to hurt Jews.

Jewish activists, including Director for Jewish Outreach with Hillary Clinton, Sarah Bard called the tweet ‘disturbing’ and concerning.

Trump blamed the media for blowing up the issue where there was none. He said, it wasn’t the star of David. It was supposed to be a basic star, of the kind used by sheriffs dealing with criminals.

But Sarah Bard said that instead of blaming the media, Trump should be condemning hate. She said, anyone who is standing for President should be bringing Americans together and not be someone who is sending such hateful signals.

The Anti-defamation league said that Trump’s attempts to brush off the concerns of those who had problems with the tweet was both offensive and absurd.

Trump is vetting vice Presidential candidates say people close to him

In other news, Donald Trump is said to be meeting with potential candidates to decide who will be his running mate. On the 4th of July, Trump met with Iowa senator Joni Ernst but we don’t know if he offered Joni the chance to be his running mate.

In her statement after the meeting, Ms. Ernst said Iowans were frustrated with how the country was moving currently. She said if Clinton came to power, the policies would be continued and they couldn’t afford that. Joni Ernst is a combat veteran and a first time Senator. She came to power on a manifesto of cutting waste in spending.

Trump also met Mike Pence, the Indiana Governor, another potential running mate. Other people on Trump’s list for running mate include former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator. Donald Trump has never held political office before while all his potential running mates have done so.

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