Donald Trump Pledges Federal Assistance for Storm-hit Georgia


A dangerous storm wretched the southeastern US state of Georgia this weekend, killing at least 18 people and causing massive destruction across several states. Th thunderstorm in Georgia followed a tornado in Mississippi on Saturday, killing four people. State officials say that the severe weather system injured more than 50 people and destroyed nearly 480 houses in Mississippi.

A state of emergency has been declared by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in the south-central part of the state, warning that perilous weather conditions persisted and could potentially reach the Atlanta region in the north. Deal urges all Georgians to stead vigilance and caution to prevent further damage to life and property. Violent winds also overthrew trees and power lines in northern Florida, followed by hail sighted in the region.

Donald Trump, who finally assumed the presidency on 20th January, pledged federal assistance for storm-affected Georgia, Alabama and Florida in White House’s East Room on his second day in office. He expressed his condolences towards people of the affected states, and said that he has spoken to Nathan Deal and planned to speak with Rick Scott, Florida Governor, about the weather. He described the storm as “vicious” and “powerful”, and expressed his support towards the affected states.

A shocking scenario

Seven deaths have been reported in Georgia’s Cook County, where a mobile home park was exceptionally hit hard. Church Adel, located close to the Georgia-Florida state line, was sheltering over 50 people. US. Air Force started its rescue operations in the Sunshine Acres neighborhood in Georgia after the tornado hit Adel. Collapsed building, destroyed homes, overthrown tree, and debris became a prominent sight across the affected region, sending shock waves amongst people.

High Risk” threats

Spokesperson for the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, Mark McKinnon, said that most of the storms have moved on by Sunday night, but threat still looms over parts of north and central Florida, southern Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. US weather forecasters issued a “high risk” warning over these areas, a first weather warning since the year 2014.

Besides the damage in Georgia, the weather caused about 29000 power blackouts in Alabama on Sunday afternoon. Also, several people witnessed power failure in Mississippi, where efforts are in place to restore power service. The tough weather condition is expected to hit places on the west coast, where heavy rains drenched many parts of South Carolina.

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