A Startup that is Working on AI for Autonomous Cars

A startup called is working on a vehicle tech company has revealed details on their mysterious project. The startup works on deep learning software, a form of artificial intelligence, with the goal of applying it to self-driving car systems that will help perform object recognition and decision making.  

In an interview with Fortune Sameep Tandon, CEO and co-founder of, explained, “Deep learning is the best enabling technology for self-driving cars… You hear a lot about all these things on the car: the sensors, the cameras, the radar, and Lidar (light-sensitive radar). What we really need is the brains to make an autonomous car work safely and understand its 

There are possible threats and complications with autonomous driving technology. While human error is the leading cause of accidents, people are capable of logical reasoning, while computers are not. In a scenario where your car has to choose to collide between two possible targets, the decision will be made from an algorithm that is very similar to a targeting algorithm, like those used in military weapons systems. Such a system is not able to recognize how many people are in front of it, or how old they are, and will be based on physics alone. This is a serious legal and moral issue. Quite an important decision for a robot.


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