Dubious Pepkor Global and Steinhoff International Investigation

Steinhoff International has been extremely careful lately when it comes to saying what it says in public. The statements it makes are made to balance the gradual unfolding of its financial condition by the PwC going through its books. Both lenders and investors are kept in the loop. These details are vital to any distressed debt investors who are presently going through the capital structure of the Steinhoff International company. They hope that the good parts of this worldwide retailer will be of more value than its debt-depressed prices.

Steinhoff Africa

All past financial statements are now being disregarded. Only new information is being fed into calculations. Investigative reporters are presently sniffing around, trying for definitive information not only on Steinhoff International but also on Steinhoff Africa Retail, its subsidiary. Steinhoff Africa is also known as Star. To put it succinctly, the structure of Pepkor Europe has now been streamlined. These will, in all probability, appease the lenders who are presently worried concerning the carve-up of the Steinhoff International company to fulfill any debt-linked restructuring. It is to be mentioned that Star sources about 15 percent of the merchandise from the Pepkor Global Sourcing concern.

Sniffing out

Interestingly, investigators first got a smell of wrongdoing when Pepkor Global Sourcing released a somewhat obtuse press release in February. The content announced a change in Pepkor Europe's corporate structure. This company unit has discount chains Dealz, Pep & Co, and Poundland. The press release stated that Pepkor Global Sourcing has been formally included in the ownership of Pepkor Europe. PGS is restructured to mirror the fact that approximately 70 percent of the company's sourcing for Pepkor Europe retail a number of brands like Poundland and PEPCO. The Pepkor Europe's CEO was quoted when he described the sourcing operation's strengths. He added that due to this strength, Pepkor Europe has brought PGS into its direct ownership.

That's where Pepkor got caught. Analysts could not find any disclosure in the past where it said that PGS is not under the ownership of Steinhoff International, Pepkor Europe's parent. Suspicious minds soon began to compare the use of a number of the Swiss unconsolidated subsidiaries found at the epicenter of an accounting investigation. LinkedIn reported that Pepkor, on July 1, 2012, formed PGS. Christo Weise, the South African billionaire controlled Pepkor at that time. The company was sold to Steinhoff International in 2014.

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