Dune Medical Expands Device Portfolio with the Addition of a Reposable Version of MarginProbe

Hospitals produce more than 4.67 million tons of waste each year causing
more health system executives and clinicians to focus on reducing their
system’s environmental footprint.1 With sustainability in
mind, Dune designed a reposable version of MarginProbe. The new
reposable MarginProbe has a reusable cable and handle and a single-use
attachable probe. The new probe has the potential to reduce waste burden
of the MarginProbe up to 50%.

Built upon Dune’s proprietary RF Spectroscopy platform, the probe is
identical in performance to the current MarginProbe and is compatible
with all existing MarginProbe consoles.

“The reposable version of MarginProbe is the latest example of Dune’s
commitment to bringing customer centric innovation to market, ensuring
that we are fully in sync to the changing face of healthcare,” says Lori
Chmura, CEO of Dune Medical.

Since receiving FDA approval, the MarginProbe system has successfully
demonstrated a consistent and significant reduction in re-excisions in
breast cancer lumpectomy procedures. The growing body of MarginProbe
published evidence supports a reduction of rates anywhere between
50-79%. The most recent published study by Kupstas, et. al., reported a
reduction of positive margins after lumpectomy leading to a reduction in
the number of re-excisions by 61%.

The reposable device will first be introduced to the Israeli market,
followed closely by launch in the EU. Successful commercialization in
these markets will act as a catalyst for US FDA submission.

About Dune Medical Devices

Imagine not having to wonder, did we get it all?

At Dune Medical Devices, we believe in reducing the anxiety that waiting
for pathology results places on a patient and their families. Our
solutions, which are developed on a first-of-its kind RF Spectroscopy
platform can differentiate cancerous from healthy tissue based on
electromagnetic properties, making it possible for patients and
physicians to answer the question, “Did we get it all?”http://www.dunemedical.com/

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