During a night of drinking, majority of us have the tendency to eat more than normal

Biological science has proven this tendency. According to a study published in Nature Communications, there’s a strong correlation between binge-drinking and binge-eating. At the Francis Crick Institute in the UK, the study concluded that the brain’s circuits involved with hunger are greatly influenced by alcohol consumption. The test was done over three days on a group of mice. The mice were given the human equivalent of 18 drinks, while the control group of mice weren’t given alcohol. The mice given alcohol ate exceptionally more.

Normally people have explained over-eating from alcohol consumption to be only because of the lack of self-control under the infuence. However, alcohol is shown in the study to stimulate “Agrp” neurons in the brain. These neurons are associated with starvation and stimulation of these neurons causes overeating even when there’s already enough energy in the body.

Combined with the loss of self-control, the stimulation of “Agrp” neurons increases the need to binge-eat. This explains those late night munchies you can get from drinking, so be cautious of how much you decide to drink if you’re trying to lose weight for the new year.

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