Duterte has tough words for ISIS affiliate

Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, has made a personal promise to tackle Abu Sayyaf, an Islamist organization linked to ISIS. He warned that he will eat the militants alive. The president was describing how he would avenge the bombing which shook the country in the last week of August. The bombing happened in the middle of a crowded market at Davao City- Duterte’s hometown. The blast killed a total of 14 people and 68 Filipinos were injured.

Filipino Islamist group

Abu Sayyaf, the concerned Islamist group, is based on Philippines’ remote southern islands. The group is included in the terrorist organization list put together by the United States. It has kidnapped foreigners for ransom. Two Canadians were beheaded by the ISIS affiliate in 2016. 

President Duterte minced no words when it came to him to describe the revenge he will take. He said that the Islamists will pay and he will literally consume their flesh in public. The militants, who also killed 15 Filipino army personnel, were threatened with getting their torso carved open by sharp instruments and the innards then being eaten with salt and vinegar. He said that he is not joking on this matter.

The Philippines President is known for its tough talk. His recent outbursts have targeted President Barack Obama of the United States as well. The Filipino has called the American President as an offspring of a domesticated animal and has warned the latter over criticism of the human rights record of the Philippines. He soon, however, expressed regret that the American President has taken his outburst as a kind of personal insult.

Political support

Other political parties in the Philippines supports the president’s claims. Renato M. Reyes Jr, secretary general and political activist of Bayan, a leftist alliance in the country, has opined that President Duterte has no intention to insult the American President. He has only tried to say that the Philippines will not tolerate outside influence. The only problem is that this intention was packaged in rude terms.

President Duterte, who is 71 years old, has pledged to eradicate the trade of illegal drugs in the Philippines as one of his many number of election pledges. True to his word, he did launch a crackdown on the drug dealers after assuming office. He has wide support among a majority of Filipinos. The methods prescribed him have drawn the ire of human rights groups.

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