Duterte wishes to reinstate the Death Penalty to hang ‘Rogue Cops’

Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines had apologized to South Korea as policeman had killed one of its citizens. Duterte expressed remorse and iterated his desire to reinstate the death penalty so that he may hang 20 criminals a day. The focus was towards ‘rogue cops’. He had promised tough punishment for the policemen behind the kidnapping and killing of Jee Ick-joo.

“I will see to it that they are sentenced to the maximum,” he said in regards to the policemen. “You give that power back to me back again, I will execute them… I’ll hang them in one day, 20 of them – 20 a day.” He also said: “You sons of bitches, you policemen. You will suffer. I can maybe send your heads to South Korea.”

Civil rights groups and lawmakers have increased pressure on the Philippine police that have covered up their abuses of power. Many critics blame Duterte for creating and harboring a culture of impunity by protecting police on the front lines of his war on drugs. Allies of the Philippines had introduced a death penalty bill in Congress on June 30, 2016, the day of his Duterte’s inauguration. An investigation into the murder has been started by the Senate with police chief Ronald dela Rosa, an ally of Duterte stating that he was “overcome by shame”. “All indications point to an elaborate web of criminal activity by some police personnel operating under the cover of legitimate police operations,” he said.

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