Dutton Blasts Victoria Government Over African Street Crime


The Victorian Labor government was given an earful by Peter Dutton, the Australian Home Affairs Minister, over the former's management of the alleged African street crime. The minister claimed that residents of Australia's second biggest metropolis are now afraid to venture out at night. Dutton said that Premier Daniel Andrews has undermined the courts and the police. He alleged that the state government suffers from “political correctness”.

Politically correct government

The minister told a radio station interviewer in Sydney that residents of Victoria are afraid to venture out at night as they are afraid that African gangs will follow them home. The city residents are worried concerning stolen cars and home invasions. Dutton, however, declined to provide any evidence to support such claims. A former police officer himself, he said the Labor administration has not put in any deterrence to stop such criminal activities. He also claimed that the local police force is now trapped in a web of political correctness. He further criticized the government for its alleged appointment of civil libertarians to judiciary posts. The minister said that the events should be called for what it is- gang violence by Africans. He also called for criminals to be deported. Appropriate punishment must be meted out to those criminals who hold Australian citizenship.

Tim Pallas, the acting Victorian Premier, responded by saying that the federal government has slashed funding which the Victorian government could utilize for law enforcement. He added that the government will take suggestions from its police force and not from a desperate minister of a desperate central government. Pallas said what makes the minister's comments all the more outrageous is that the Turnbull government wants to take away $972 million from the GST share allocated to Victoria. This amount equals 7,700 active police officers.

Tackling crime

Jenny Mikakos, the Youth Affairs Minister of Victoria, said that it takes more to tackle criminal gang violence than giving simplistic answers churned up by critics. She told the media that such people, by their statements, are conning the Australian people. Mikakos reminded the media that youth crime is an old issue. Authorities have worked- and continued to work- with the community organizations and the police to concentrate on prevention. There will be early intervention as well. As per statistics, the crime rate in Victoria has gone south. Most people of African descent in Australian jails are from Sudan.

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