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EAB Launches Education Data Hub, the First Data Management Platform for Higher Education

Chicago, IL, Oct. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Education research and technology company EAB announced the launch of its “Education Data Hub,” the first data management platform created for higher education. The platform, already being installed at several colleges and universities, ingests and organizes data from disparate campus IT systems into a single, unified source of information. EAB shared the news today at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (#EDU19). 

EAB research shows that as colleges broaden their use of technology, data, and analytics, most find themselves managing an ever-expanding patchwork of IT systems and data repositories. The result has been inconsistent data definitions from one department to the next and a fragile systems architecture. The technology proliferation also places an enormous burden on IT staff and has made it difficult for institutions to provide adequate integrations, data governance, and data accessibility to support the needs of the IT office and other university stakeholders.

Education Data Hub provides a complete view of a student, faculty, or unit on campus by retrieving existing data across disparate systems and organizing it into a single system-agnostic and vendor-agnostic data model. The organized data can then be exported into other applications—including business intelligence software—or accessed directly within the platform by authorized users. 

“EAB’s Education Data Hub plays the role of integration platform, data warehouse, and university data model in a single application,” said EAB Executive Vice President Scott Schirmeier. “Our platform reduces the burden on institutional research and technology teams, while democratizing access to pockets of information trapped in siloed data sources.” 

“By incorporating EAB’s Education Data Hub into our operations, we have created a one-stop shop for our data within an effective technology framework that meets the needs of different stakeholder groups across our university,” said John Carroll University Chief Information Officer, Jim Burke.

EAB also announced publication of a new white paper, “Activating the Analytics Mandate,” that examines challenges posed by the growth and complexity of technology systems on college campuses. The paper also suggests better ways for institutions to govern and optimize their use of data by leveraging a data management platform.

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