Early voting points to Clinton win

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic contender for the US presidency, has started to reap multiple years of efforts made by her party to target voters and register them. This holds true even as Republicans close the disadvantage in the party registration. There are preliminary signs of Mrs. Clinton pulling forward from Trump even before the Republican was put into a disadvantage by bragging about sexual assaults.Early voting has already started in a number of states.

Ethnicity and absent ballots

In Florida, Democrats are asking for greater number of absentee ballots compared to the same condition in 2012. There are increases of about 50 percent in areas dominated by Hispanics like Orlando and Miami. The Democrats are asking for mail-in ballots in much greater numbers in North Carolina compared to 2012. On the other hand, the participation of Republicans are on the decline.

If one goes by historical indications, the last weeks prior to deadline for voter registration are the best for Democrats. Robby Mook, the campaign manager for Clinton, said that he was quite confident of the Democratic Party’s position in Florida and in a number of other swing states.

These results will have a greater effect in 2016, as a large number of people are expected to cast votes early. If the Clinton campaign is to be believed, a substantial number of Americans- in excess of 40 percent- in the swing states will vote within Election Day. The name of the winner will be out by November.

Hard path for Clinton

Clinton, however, will not get her prize easily. Even with her advantage in the polls, her campaign to trounce Trump will be through a rocky path. Early voting is extremely important in Florida. Both Republicans and Democrats expect a thin margin of victory. It is thus no wonder that the Florida Democratic Party sued Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida-and belonging to the Republican Party- for extending the deadline for voter registrations. The process was disrupted due to Hurricane Matthew. Their efforts bore fruit as a federal judge consented to extend the deadline by a day.

Trump will lose the presidency if he loses Florida. This will happen with the exception of the Republican winning by a thumping margin in other states. To put in perspective, Republicans in Floroda has considerably narrowed the gap in voter registration compared with Democrats. From a little of half a million about four years before, it has lessened to about 274,000. The states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada have also seen the surge in numbers.

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