East Daley: New Commodity Insights Package Now Available for the Permian, Marcellus-Utica, Bakken and Denver-Julesburg Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets

Daley Capital Advisors, Inc., an energy information and insights
provider that is redefining how markets view risk for midstream and
exploration and production (E&P) companies, released a new suite of
products and tools that analyze and forecast the supply dynamics of the
U.S. crude oil, NGLs and natural gas markets. The new Commodity
Insights Package™ provides a wholistic, cross-commodity market view
comprised of energy fundamentals and asset-level infrastructure analysis
of the interplay between commodities and the companies that produce and
transport commodities. A key component of the new offering is the
analysis on processing and transportation capacity constraints.

“Due to the highly integrated market for U.S. crude oil, NGLs and
natural gas, you can no longer conduct energy commodity analysis in
silos,” said Justin Carlson, VP and Managing Director, Research at East
Daley Capital. “To properly do the analysis, you need to understand how
oil and gas companies are organized, analyze the commitments of those
companies to the supply chain and their investors and then how those
commitments impact assets. At East Daley, we balance the analysis of
company assets with commodity fundamentals to develop the best possible
market view – and that’s the purpose behind the Commodity Insights

The new Commodity Insights Package™ analyzes the Permian, Northeast,
Bakken, Gulf (onshore), Anadarko and Denver-Julesburg producing regions
in the U.S. from the wellhead to the market delivery point. Four of the
six regions are now available including data files and analysis, with
more coming online in July. Crude oil, NGLs and natural gas are analyzed
collectively, as crude oil production can directly impact the production
of NGLs and natural gas. This new analytics package provides analysis on
processing and transportation constraints, compares rigs to completions,
forecasts system-level production growth, enhanced contract analysis and
reviews the impacts of new infrastructure.

“The processing and transportation capacity constraint analysis in the
Commodity Insights Package™ will be highly valued by our clients,” said
Carlson. “As we say at East Daley, to understand how and why oil and gas
companies operate the way they do, then we must understand the market.
But, to understand a company, we must understand the assets. And
finally, to understand the market, then we must understand the assets.
It’s a very complex and circular relationship and helping clients
synthesize and understand compounding market dynamics, ultimately
reducing risk, is our specialty at East Daley.”

East Daley for more information on the new Commodity
Insights Package™.

East Daley has the largest asset database of U.S. energy infrastructure
tied to EBITDA and its patent-pending production allocation model,
combined with in-depth analysis, brings greater transparency to the
energy and commodity financial market by providing investors and market
participants with deeper, more accurate data to inform their investment
and strategy decisions.

About East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc.

East Daley Capital is an energy information and insights provider that
is redefining how markets view risk for midstream and exploration and
production (E&P) companies. In addition to using top-level financial
data to predict a company’s performance, East Daley delivers asset and
commodity analysis that provides comprehensive, fact-based intelligence.
Supported by a team of unbiased, experienced financial and commodity
analysts, East Daley provides its clients unparalleled insight into how
midstream and E&P companies operate and generate cash flow, in addition
to commodity forecasting. East Daley uses publicly available fundamental
data and intersects that data with a company’s reported financials to
asset-level adjusted-EBITDA and distributable cash flow (DCF). The
result allows for more informed investment decisions. Founded in 2014,
the company is based in Centennial, Colorado. For more information visit http://www.eastdaley.com.

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