EasyJet Partners with Wright Electric on Building Electric Plane

EasyJet Plc is teaming up with a U.S. engineering startup called Wright Electric to develop a fully electric commercial plane within 10 years. The aircraft is aimed to fly 335 miles and would cover 20% of the passengers EasyJet flies today.

Founded in 2016, Wright Electric is comprised of a team of aerospace engineers, battery chemists, as well as electric vehicle experts from NASA, Boeing, and Cessna. The company has received funding from Harvard University and a startup incubator called Y Combinator which has helped fund Dropbox, Airbnb, and Reddit.

Battery powered aircraft can reduce fuel costs which is among the biggest expense for airlines and more for short distance companies like EasyJet. Electric aircraft can also cut emissions as well as noise. This plan would be the first to enter the electric aircraft market that will surely compete with rivals such as Ireland’s Ryanair Holdings Plc.

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