Election Recap as Trump’s Victory sets for a Volatile Market

Hillary Clinton has been absolved of any criminal wrongdoing in the email handling case using personal email server by the FBI, a couple of days ahead of the Election Day on November 8th. Although many have already cast their vote or had already made up their mind on the choice of the candidate, the October 28th revelation that FBI was once again opening the email handling case in connection to another case had sent waves of shock across the world, including the money markets which went on a downward trend preempting a Trump victory.

Who stands to gain or lose?

The current FBI director James Comey, who had been handpicked by Obama for his fierce independence and integrity, had rocked the Clinton campaign when on October 28th he wrote a terse letter to the U.S. Congress, informing them of fresh evidence that emerged from an unrelated case that gave the FBI reasons to pursue the sensitive email handling case again.

Anthony Weiner, a former congressman and estranged husband of Huma Abedin, one of the closest Clinton aids, had sent salacious emails to a then 15-year old minor girl. When his laptop was seized for further investigation, over 650000 emails were found in the laptop and several thousands were found to have been sent or received by Clinton’s personal email server which had been the subject of the original investigation.

This had raised questions about the agency and its director for not only turning the verdict it had passed in July, following investigations where it had cleared Clinton of criminal charges although it was identified as gross negligence. The democrats and indeed Obama himself had made oblique references to the motive behind the sudden disclosure in a new case, so close to the election.

However, Hillary baiters are now raising questions about the expeditious manner in which FBI gave the former Secretary of State a clean chit. In a new letter sent on November 6th, the Director of FBI has informed the Congress that all the communications sent and received from the same email server used by Clinton, was reviewed during her time as the Secretary of the State, and nothing was found that can be construed as a major offence. Hence, she was cleared of all the charges. The letter was short and didn’t answer questions whether communications from time when Clinton was not a Secretary have also been reviewed.

Trump cries foul

Donald Trump and his campaign managers who had called the investigation bigger than “Watergate” have now claimed that the system is “rigged” and is favoring Hillary Clinton over Trump. Trump has also warned of a “constitutional crisis” if Hillary comes to power since the rank and file of FBI won’t be happy and further investigations would be conducted that would indict her.

The recent polls which had shown that gap between the two candidates had narrowed to a single percentage point are now showing a 2.5 percentage point lead for Clinton. Even in the sunshine state of Florida, a surge in Hispanic voters seemed to have derailed Trump’s plans of mounting a serious challenge. The markets have, however, reacted positively to the news and it is now possible that the fringe voters and independents will now cling to the Clinton bandwagon to ensure a comfortable victory for her.     

Many of the growing nations have increased productivity with the Republican Party running the show and continuity with the Democratic Party. It may not be as worrying as one may think, over the next few months. Let us accept the fact that, Donald Trump win to be the President of the United States of America with the same way he has been running businesses, this may be a wild card where every nation will flourish. To keep the fires going in his homeland does require bilateral relationships with nations. There is unrest because of a number of comments that he has been making which has been a cause for concern. Since the nation has voted and he may just be the next commander in chief, it is best to believe that he will ensure that global trade flourishes, period.

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